The following information on lobbying targets is collected to the Finnish Transparency Register


After the registrations at the start of the year, organisations can start submitting disclosures of activities to the Finnish Transparency Register in summer 2024. The disclosures contain the details of the persons that they have contacted as part of the lobbying activities.

Organisations can start submitting disclosures of activities to the Finnish Transparency Register on 1 July 2024. In the future, the disclosures will always be submitted for the previous six months but the first disclosures will only cover the previous three months (April–June 2024).

When should the lobbying target be named and when should only the name of the organisation be given?

The lobbying targets are named in the disclosures of activities. This is done by naming the following targets of lobbying: Members of Parliament, Ministers, State Secretaries and special advisers appointed for the Ministers’ terms of office, Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General of Parliament, Permanent Secretaries, Permanent Under Secretaries and Heads of Department of Ministries, and the rapporteurs appointed by ministries.

Other public officials are not named. The following information is given for the other public officials of the Parliamentary Office: name of the committee, department and unit or other corresponding part of the organisation. The name of the parliamentary group is given for the parliamentary assistants and the staff of the parliamentary groups. The name of the department and unit is given for other public officials of the ministries.

Take a look at the organisational structures of Parliament and ministries

We have compiled an Excel file for lobbyists, listing the organisations, departments and units in Parliament and individual ministries targeted by lobbying.

The file can be used as a support tool by organisations when they record information on their lobbying activities. We will later produce a similar file that also lists lobbying targets by person. We also reserve the right to make changes to organisational structures.

Download file:

Finnish Transparency Register target data 12/2023