Advisory Board

The Advisory Board for the Finnish Transparency Register takes initiatives to develop the register and maintains recommendations for good lobbying.

The Advisory Board for the Finnish Transparency Register represents a wide variety of register users and consists of representatives of those subject to the reporting obligation, researchers, and authorities. The Advisory Board monitors the activities of the Transparency Register, takes initiatives to develop it, acts as an official cooperation body for stakeholders, and draws up and maintains recommendations for good lobbying.

The Advisory Board is appointed by the National Audit Office for a term of three years. In the 2023–2026 term, the Advisory Board is chaired by Tuomo Yli-Huttula.

Advisory Board for the Transparency Register

Members of the Advisory Board for the Transparency Register

Members of the Advisory Board for the Finnish Transparency Register in the 2023–2026 term

  • Tuomo Yli-Huttula, Chair, Edunvalvontafoorumi (Chair of the Advisory Board)

  • Emilia Korkea-aho, Professor of European Law and Legislative Studies, University of Eastern Finland (1st Vice Chair of the Advisory Board)

  • Sami Demirbas, Senior Specialist, Department for Democracy and Public Law, Ministry of Justice (2nd Vice Chair of the Advisory Board)

  • Toni Ahva, Head of Public Affairs, Finnish Olympic Committee

  • Jonna Carlson, Oversight Manager, National Audit Office of Finland

  • Sonja Finér, Executive Director, Finnwatch ry

  • Jarno Forssell, CEO, ProCom – Viestinnän ammattilaiset ry

  • Marika Hakkarainen, Head of Finnish Stakeholder Relations & Corporate Affairs, Stora Enso Oyj

  • Eevi Heikkinen, Head of Public Affairs, Kreab Ltd

  • Niko Jakobsson, Secretary General, Finnish Bar Association

  • Ilari Kallio Principal, Chief Policy Adviser, Finnish Commerce Federation

  • Jussi Kekkonen, Senior Partner, Miltton

  • Ulla Kiuru, Senior Advisor, Finnish Federation for Social Affairs and Health SOSTE

  • Jyrki Konola, Director, Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions SAK

  • Johanna Korpi, Director of Legislative Affairs, Ministry of the Environment

  • Tiina Perho, Special advisor to the Board, Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forestry Owners MTK

  • Juuso Luomala, Financial and Administrative Director, Finnish National Youth Council Allianssi

  • Karol Mattila, Head of Government Relations, Nokia

  • Rosa Meriläinen, Secretary General, Central Organization for Finnish Culture and Arts Associations KULTA ry

  • Timo Moilanen, Senior Ministerial Adviser, Financial Affairs, Public Governance Department, Ministry of Finance

  • Vesa Muttilainen, Chief of Research, Police University College

  • Ilmari Nalbantoglu, Director of Advocacy, Fingo

  • Salla Nazarenko, International Affairs Specialist, Union of Journalists in Finland

  • Heidi Nummela, Director of Human Resources and Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment

  • Mikko Nygård, Director of Finance and Administration, Ministry of Transport and Communications

  • Lauri Pakkanen, Senior Advisor, Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT

  • Janne Pelkonen, Manager, Public Advocacy, Finnish Pension Alliance TELA

  • Ilkka Penttinen Fouto, Chair of the Board, Transparency International Finland

  • Pertti Rauhio, Administrative Director, Parliamentary Office

  • Tommi Toivola, Director, Confederation of Finnish Industries

  • Tiina Toivonen, Legislative Affairs Manager, Suomen Yrittäjät

  • Laura Lyly, Senior Adviser, Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities

  • Juho Vesa, Academy Research Fellow, University of Helsinki

The Secretary of the Advisory Board is Ines Gullichsen, Senior Auditor at the National Audit Office.